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Till the end of 2018,18 cities and counties will finish the construction of global tourism demonstration zone

This year, the National Tourism Administration decided to carry out the national tourism demonstration area to create the work of the whole, Hainan was identified as the first “region-based Tourism to create a model province"

With the consent of the provincial government, "Hainan Province to create national tourism demonstration zones work guidelines" recently introduced to the end of 2018, the province's annual visitors exceeded 65 million people. The realization of global landscape, the integration of internal and external environment of the scenic spot, the standardization of market order, fine tourism services, build Hainan characteristics of the tourism product system.

Create region-based tourism, is committed to "Ten breakthrough"

●In the comprehensive management system reform on a breakthrough

●In the planning to have a breakthrough

●In the tourism toilets as the representative of the public service facilities to provide a breakthrough

●In the "tourism +" to have a breakthrough

●Poverty in the tourism have breakthrough

●Have a breakthrough in riching people by tourism

●In the civilized tourism to have a breakthrough

●In the tourism market supervision to realize a breakthrough

●In the tourism data to have a breakthrough

●Have a breakthrough in tourism diplomacy

"Guide" requires the creation of a global tourism demonstration area, to focus on tourism product construction. "Point, line, surface," comprehensively promote the implementation of four areas, to build a new pattern of the province's global tourism, tourism and create a national model and benchmarking.

The four areas

▲Strengthen product leadership, enhance the global tourism appeal. Focusing on creating the top ten tourism products, build a unique system of tourism products in Hainan.

▲Highlight the building of "point" , to create a global tourism highlights.

▲Strengthen the "line" in series. Landscaping, greening, color of the two "points" along the line. Layout leisure post, integrated service area, supporting tourism toilets.

▲Promote the improvement of the "surface", covering the province through the hardware and software environment; improve the global tourism surface, forming a global tourism environment atmosphere.



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