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Haikou air travel city on the 12th to start, Meilan Airport add a 3A area

 Haikou air tourist city on the 12th start, will play the country's first scenic terminal, supporting 3100 parking spaces. Meilan Airport passenger parking spaces will reach more than 5,000.


Effect diagram of Science and Technology Museum


Effect diagram of panoramic

Haikou Air Travel City will be put into use on December 12. Located in the Air Tourism City, Building 2, 2 to 5-story one-stop new tourist shopping complex --- Meilan Shopping Mall will be unveiled. As a tourist to the first and last stop in Hainan tourism, Meilan Shopping Mall will be inbound and outbound tourists on a more perfect trip to Hainan.


Haikou Airport Tourism City is located in Meilan Airport, 30 meters north of the domestic terminal, is Meilan Airport T3 team terminal and the national 3A-level tourist attractions, will create the first scenic terminal. Meilan shopping Mall, which has 43 000 m2 floor area, 19,000 m2 operating area .The mall is located in the building 2 of air tourist city. For the multiple business ecosystem, including the Hainan tourism boutique exhibition, aviation science and technology museum, cross-border electricity providers, specialties such as six-story "thematic" commercial format.

In second floor of the Meilan Shopping Mall, Hainan's property, humanities, customs, etc, have been the best display. Visitors can not only here to buy specialty products throughout Hainan, rich seafood and tropical fruits, but also to the best Hainan pear, Hainan incense, South Sea pearl, Xingyue Bodhi, national silverware, non-heritage Li Jin, Hainan precious handicrafts . The future science and technology museum is the highlight service product of the aviation tourism city. It will create a global interactive entertainment experience space of black science and technology, integrate the aviation science popularization, the real experience, and entertain in one. It is the only one above the country who set the aviation science education base in an airport. Here, visitors and the public can experience the world's first polymerization of the world's top AR, VR hardware and equipment of the black technology interactive exploration paradise. You can also enter the rich fantasy theme scene through AR, VR cool interactive area. Enjoy 720 ° immersive virtual fun, and virtual goods in the real space environment in all directions, multi-angle interaction. To achieve high-tech fun in play, touch the future in the virtual environment.

Do not go out of the airport, you can eat around the world food. Pizza, Japanese Udon, Sushi, Korean Bibimbap, Southeast Asian food, Hong Kong and Taiwan exquisite snacks, snacks around the snack everything.

It is understood that, in order to better improve the passenger experience, supporting the city of 3,100 parking spaces, plus the existing open-air car park, the international terminal car park and overnight parking, then, Meilan Airport passenger parking spaces will Reaching more than 5,000. In the center of the second building on the first floor of the transfer center can also achieve high-speed rail, bus, intercity fast, taxi and other modes of transport seamless docking.

According to reports, Haikou air tourist city not only have a first-class high standard of business, transfer service functions, the future will also serve as Meilan Airport T3 team terminal for the travel agents and team visitors check-in, security and other airport services. With the original domestic and international terminal, to achieve Mission separation, will effectively alleviate the pressure of the airport season queuing passengers, to bring travelers a better quality travel experience.


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